Illinois Central Gulf caboose 199538 from an Overland Models caboose Model
finished model

construction shots

Illinois Central Gulf 199538 long porch caboose from an Overland Models caboose model.
Normally, I don't work on freight cars or cabooses, but there's always an exception.
This was a damaged custom painted caboose that was sent my way for repairs and repainting. The first thing I did was determine what repairs would be necessary. After I decided a course of action, I dismantled the caboose and soaked it in lacquer thinner to remove the old paint. After washing, I repaired the damage to the draft gear and end handrails and cut bars. At this time, I also plated over some of the windows per the prototype I was painting. From there I used an abrasive gun to remove all traces of leftover paint, then washed the model in hot soapy water and dried.
I sprayed the body Floquil primer, then Scalecoat II white and then finally Scalecoat II New Haven Orange. The underframe and trucks were airbrushed Scalecoat I loco black. The decals are Microscale. The model was then sealed with the usual half Testor's dullcoat and glosscoat thinned with lacquer thinner. From there, windows were cut and installed, and the caboose was reassembled.


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